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Tip Junkie Tuesday: A Collection of Cool Tips to Help with Writing and Blogging

First of all, let me apologize for the solid block of text– I assure you that is NOT the way I wrote this. Seems there is a glitch with WordPress at the moment…I’m hoping it will all be a bad dream in the morning.!

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.—-Jack London

This year’s new themed blog pages continue today with Tip Junkie Tuesday!  Over the last several years, I have learned so much about writing, internet marketing, social media, blogging, and <gasp!> even some HTML language. If you don’t know what that is, don’t feel bad…I didn’t either a few years ago. (Turns out, it is pretty important, though.)
Instead of writing a post filled with tips for bloggers and writers, I thought I would link to some awesome ones that I have found… and I guarantee I will NEVER run out of great stuff for you to read.  So, here is my first offering to you for Tip Junkie Tuesday…
Need to build a Facebook Fan Page for your business? No problem, right? Actually, getting a few things right will bring lots more traffic to your Fan Page.  I will let Kristi Hines tell you all about her recent experience and how to make sure you are taking full advantage of the FREE platform you have. Kristi is one of my absolute favorite bloggers…if it has to do with writing, blogs, or social media…she is on top of it!  Here is a link to her post:  http://kikolani.com/tips-for-starting-a-new-facebook-fan-page.html.
Do you have writer’s block? Check out this post from About.com filled with tips that actually do work…and believe me, I know. (If the Queen of Procrastination can spend time writing every day, anybody can.) Here is the link to some cool tips to help rid yourself of writer’s block for good: http://fictionwriting.about.com/od/writingroadblocks/tp/block.htm.  

What advice would successful published authors give you?  This post, written by Marelisa Fábrega, a self-described Writer, lawyer, entrepreneur, dream-weaver, alchemist, and dragon-slayer. Creator of Abundance Blog at Marelisa Online gives us 54 Tips for Writers, From Writers…. http://abundance-blog.marelisa- online.com/2009/05/24/54-tips-for-writers-from-writers/.
Want to know how to create a successful blog?  You can create a blog in any niche and have it be a total flop– nobody reads it, you don’t get any comments, and you feel like you are talking to yourself. Or, you can follow the great tips that expert marketer, Mavis Nong, shares so generously. Here is one set of her tips, but expect to see more:)   
Okay, I know that does not look like a lot, but believe me, once you get to the pages where these tips are, you will find lots more great stuff to read… so do come back here at some point and let me know….Which writer’s style do you like? What is the best tip you read about? What kind of tips would you like to see next week?