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Friday Writer’s Roundup: Great Advice for Freelancers

rp_depositphotos_8545153_xs.jpgI found lots of great resources this week that I wanted to share with all my writing friends– so I put them together in this blog post. Hope everyone has had a great, and productive, week! Life got in the way for me this week– luckily I have the weekend to get caught up :)

I also have a board on Scoop.it where I save the best information and articles I find around the internet, and I curate stuff to that board regularly. I try to share these things on social media, but sometimes the ADHD kicks in and I’m off to something else. Lots of good stuff on my Scoop.it board–you really should check it out, too: http://www.scoop.it/t/writing-by-denise-gabbard Read the rest of this entry »


Mistakes Writers Make: Cool Infographic

I stumbled upon this infographic when another blogger friend (Corina at NotNowMomsBusy) posted it– and I knew that I had to share it here on my writing blog. I have mentioned a few times before how critical it is that your writing is not just passable, but really good, when you want to earn a living with it. Unfortunately, there are people in cyberspace that call themselves writers, but are just plain awful! Does anybody else find it totally distracting when a piece of writing is full of grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes? Honestly, I will avoid that type of writing because it makes my head hurt!

Most freelancers and aspiring writers know how important good writing is and take measures to continually improve it. For me, that means reading (a lot), writing, proofreading, and rewriting what I’ve written until it sounds “right.” It is time-consuming and probably seems very anal to some people. However, every writer has their own  process; just be sure that you are publishing the best version of your writing! Read the rest of this entry »


3 RSS Syndication Services To Help Boost Your Blog

rss1 Creating a blog is easy; anyone can do it with little to no technical know-how these days.  With the 1-click installation scripts it really makes installing WordPress on a server a breeze.  However, getting people to your site is the biggest setback that a lot of newbie to intermediate bloggers are sadly finding out.  In this article I want to talk about blog syndication and why you should be using it to increase your readership.

The words RSS syndication might scare a lot of people.  It sounds like a complex term, but actually its quite simple.  A RSS feed is simply a url that your blog generates so that people can subscribe to your blog.   Think of it as a notification service.  With the millions of websites and blogs users don’t have the time to hunt and search for interesting sites.  We live in an age where we want it now and a RSS reader helps us obtain this.

So if your running a blog you need a syndication service because this will help get your content in front of more eyeballs, which helps your SEO efforts.  Not to mention, it helps build your blogs brand and what better way to do it by syndicating your content.  To syndicate your content you just need your RSS feed url and there are a plethora of places you can submit your post to.  So here are three that I use and love.


Triberr.com is a 100% free syndication service.  They do have a option to upgrade, but for me I just use the free service.  This is automated which means you submit your feed one time and every time you publish a new post your content is distributed to likeminded people on Triberr.

Their system works on a rating system.  Basically, the community decides what to vote on.  If your content is great expect to get lots of new readers as people actively rate and comment on post they find interesting.  Another useful feature is “bonfires”; these are just fancy names for groups where you can participate and contact people for guest post, joint ventures, etc.


Blog Engage is a paid service that I have been using for about 2 years now.  In my opinion it’s probably the best syndication service out there.  You sign up for a monthly fee and then it automatically post your content on the platform where people vote on it.  The more votes you get the higher chances that your content gets publish which will help generate some decent traffic.

You can comment, share, and interact with other bloggers.  I have met some really strong business connections on there and it really helps automate the process of syndicating your content.  RSS feed


This site is awesome.  It does require that you manually submit your best post, but the gains that you’ll receive from this site are amazing.  Like the two mentioned above it works on a voting system where if your content is strong enough you can get on the first page of Bizsugar and actually generate a decent amount of traffic to your blog.  Did I mention it’s 100% free!

These services don’t require that you spend hours on them everyday.  In the beginning it will take a couple days to learn exactly how each service works, but once you do it’s a valuable asset to marketing your blog.  If you follow a plan and plan on spending 5-10 minutes each day on these sites your blogs traffic will think you.

It’s important to keep in mind that you want to actively participate on all three of these in order to help boost your blogs reputation.  Meet new people and form some partnerships where both parties can gain from it.  There are a number of great RSS syndication services out there, other than the three I mentioned in this article.  What others have you used and what is your experience with the mentioned sites in this article?  Do you know of any you would like to include on this list?  Please leave your comments down below.

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