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Mistakes Writers Make: Cool Infographic

on March 11, 2014

I stumbled upon this infographic when another blogger friend (Corina at NotNowMomsBusy) posted it– and I knew that I had to share it here on my writing blog. I have mentioned a few times before how critical it is that your writing is not just passable, but really good, when you want to earn a living with it. Unfortunately, there are people in cyberspace that call themselves writers, but are just plain awful! Does anybody else find it totally distracting when a piece of writing is full of grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes? Honestly, I will avoid that type of writing because it makes my head hurt!

Most freelancers and aspiring writers know how important good writing is and take measures to continually improve it. For me, that means reading (a lot), writing, proofreading, and rewriting what I’ve written until it sounds “right.” It is time-consuming and probably seems very anal to some people. However, every writer has their own  process; just be sure that you are publishing the best version of your writing!

This infographic is helpful as it spells out pain points for writers.

infographic blog writing mistakes

Because I do online marketing for businesses, I love the numbers at the bottom that talk about the effectiveness of blogging for business, and for SEO purposes. I know how effective it is, but it is nice to see the results of studies that prove it!

Some of the points listed on here really bug me– like they’re, their and there– and others (like that serial comma issue) seem up for update. Overall, this infographic is a great reference for writers to keep their (not there!) writing on the straight and narrow.

What about you? Which of these things bother you when reading something?

Which points on the infographic do you have issues with? How do you make sure you look good online?


48 Responses to “Mistakes Writers Make: Cool Infographic”

  1. I sometimes see bloggers using run ons of fragments on their blogs and I cringe. As bloggers we should keep out blogs as professional as possible! Great post!

  2. I see way too many grammatical mistakes when I am out and about reading blogs. It makes me wonder why more people don’t use spell check. I know that won’t catch it all, but it would help.

  3. gingermommy says:

    I am not a fan of run on sentences. I also am not a fan of really long posts or posts that are not appealing to the eye. Bright colours, small fonts etc. Great infographic! (Kim)

  4. I do my best to avoid grammar mistakes however, there are time I use them to emphasize an emotion when simple wording will not be effective enough. Still, that is in extremely limited circumstances. My biggest pitfall is that even when I proofread, I often find that later on I’ll find a typo or something I missed.

  5. Scott says:

    If I read a blog post with ANY typos/etc., it reduces their credibility to zero. (By the way, you have an extra space between “own” and “process” in the second paragraph) ;)

    • dgabbard says:

      Oh, no! I am a big zero now:( I am a little more forgiving– small mistakes are not a big deal, but when something is littered with them, I have a hard time following because it distracts me.

  6. Terry says:

    I am horrible when it comes to spelling and grammar so any help I can get is a plus.

  7. becca says:

    Yep guilty of all this grammar and i are enemies for sure. Which makes me wonder why I enjoy writing so much.

  8. Great infographic! I must admit, I don’t take it quite as seriously, only because I love reading blogs where the author speaks as if you’re sitting next to her on her couch…and I’ve had lots of feedback on MY blog with people telling me that they like the way I write it (they like the easiness and comfort of it). But spelling errors drive me CRAZY. That’s for sure LOL

    • dgabbard says:

      The tone is so important, as you already know– I would much rather read something informal also–definitely more ease and comfort.

  9. Veronica says:

    I am sure I have made a few of these mistakes! Is it just me, or are infographics confusing? It just seems hard to read with so much info all over it. Maybe it’s just me because they are totally gaining in popularity

    • dgabbard says:

      There is a lot of info packed into one typically–but people do seem to love them. Another thing people love is videos, and I cannot stand them– would rather read the text.

  10. I most enjoy reading from the heart. Unless it’s a pretty glaring error I don’t really pay attention to minor spelling and punctuation issues when I’m reading. They’re not perfect and neither am I.

    • dgabbard says:

      Exactly– a little blip is no issue. Lots of mistakes can detract from reading the piece, though.

  11. Sarah Bailey says:

    I can say I probably do all of those, though I’m trying to get better I promise lol x

  12. Pam says:

    There is a lot of information on this and I will really have to take my time and go through it all. I am sure I can use the help. I am impressed with the statistical for consumers making a purchase based on a blog’s recommendation.

  13. Amber Nelson says:

    That is a very true infographic. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I see errors and make errors all the time. You get tired when you are writing and after awhile even the things that are wrong look right. Your eyes just play tricks on you.

    • dgabbard says:

      Yes, I know I make many mistakes when I’m tired. When I am working on client projects, I never send them in when tired. I put them aside and go over them in the morning when I am fresher.

  15. This is true, but having worked as a full-time writer of web sales copy, many traditional writing rules get thrown out the door in favor of easy reading that converts.

    I’m not condoning misspelling or poor grammar, but the Internet demands a different style that includes fragments, conversational style and improper punctuation. I love the infographic!

  16. Maria says:

    Yes YES Yessss I do some of these but I know other bloggers to can be the posterc hild for that infographic.

    • dgabbard says:

      Yeah, some are totally too much– but I admit to several of these mistakes on a regular basis. We just need to try and improve as we move on.

  17. Liz Mays says:

    I’m sure I break rules all the time, but I’m ok with that. I like writing in fragments, because it echoes my brain. lol

    • dgabbard says:

      With a name like anutinanutshell, I would expect that! Clearly, we all break rules– your fragments, though, are your style. I actually love to read that type of writing– must echo my brain, too! Thanks for visiting Liz!

  18. This is very informative! I always thought that your blog was like your journal, you write freely and not worry about your grammar or spelling. Clearly I was wrong.

    • dgabbard says:

      Your blog IS your own space to write, but because it’s public, you want to spiff it up when possible. Thanks for visiting!

  19. Rosey says:

    I have a light understanding of SEO. It’s certainly better than it was, but I don’t focus on it enough to gain from it. I do believe it’s important though!

  20. Ashley B. says:

    I’m definitely guilty of some of the mistakes pointed out in the info-graphic. Life is a learning lesson, especially when it comes to honing your craft.

  21. Melanie says:

    I make so many errors it’s not even funny anymore. I try to clean it up before posting but a few slid through.

    • dgabbard says:

      We are all human– and a little slip here and there is not a big deal. Just shows how human you are.

  22. Annemarie says:

    It is so important that these basic steps be followed it is also important for every writer to have their own voice.

    • dgabbard says:

      Exactly right— have had some pretty heated “discussions” with magazine editors over just that point. Often, they want a piece to sound as if they wrote it…NOT going to let that happen.

  23. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    Mostly, what bothers me is the grammar itself, I guess some people don’t re-read their post, lol.

  24. Erica says:

    I really love infographics! This one is especially helpful. Thanks very much for sharing.

    • dgabbard says:

      You are welcome, Erica :) I know I am guilty at times of many of these things—depends how busy, or tired, I am.

  25. Great information. I have been blogging for 3 years and I have never declared myself to be a writer. I know I make grammatical mistake when I am in a hurry to do a blog post. So I avoid that or go back and try to re-check the post.

  26. Katie says:

    I love this infographic! Outside of my blogging life, most of my professional time is spent writing. I make lots of edits, live by my AMA Manual of Style, and have plenty of arguments over comma placement.

  27. I think one of the mistake I make a lot is that I don’t write a outline before I start writing my blog posts.

  28. Veronica Lee says:

    Bad grammar makes me cringe too! Sometimes you don’t/can’t see your own mistakes even when you check and recheck what you’ve written though it’s so easy to spot the mistakes on other people’s posts!

    • dgabbard says:

      You are so right about that— and it’s even worse when I type something on my phone. Fat fingers and wrong keys, eeek!

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