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I Love Writing about Prom Dresses!

on February 28, 2014

A few weeks back, I did a post for a site that sells formal dresses for weddings and other special occasions and it was so much fun, I happily said yes when someone asked me to write about prom dresses! The great thing about having a blog is that you can write about anything you want.

I love this site and their beautiful prom dresses– there are so many unique styles that I have never seen before, even on celebrities on the red carpet. If I were going to prom this year (Wow! It seems like so many years ago, but I cannot wait for my little peeps to go so I can help doll them up) I would definitely check out JenJenHouse  to find an awesome dress that will make her feel like a princess on her big day.

The site has gorgeous prom dresses in all different lengths and a wide range of styles, but sleek and fitted little black dresses to those with sequins, beading and tulle. So many different choices– and much different than shopping at the local mall where the pickings are really slim, and you have to settle for whatever they think will be popular. The problem with that is that everyone shows up wearing almost the same dress. Instead, check out JenJenHouse, where no matter what her vision is, she will find the perfect dress and the perfect color at  http://www.jenjenhouse.com/Prom-Dresses-c18/.  In fact, there are 1,330 prom dress styles on the website, and each and every one of them can be ordered in many different colors. Even better, for a nominal fee, the dress can be expertly altered to her exact measurements so that it fits like a dream and she feels absolutely comfortable and beautiful wearing it.

Additionally, JenJenHouse sells all of the accessories she will need to complete her outfit and look absolutely stunning. Shoes, handbags, wraps from chiffon shawls to faux fur capelets, and absolutely stunning jewelry to complement her dress.  The prices are so great, and the styles so pretty, that I am ordering some for myself.

3 Responses to “I Love Writing about Prom Dresses!”

  1. Veronica Lee says:

    They have such a wide range of styles. Their dresses are really fabulous and I love their accessories too.

  2. Shannon says:

    I love the dresses from this site. Gorgeous. Thank you for your review.

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