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How Do You Manage Your Freelance Projects? Try This

on November 13, 2013

tenroxBidding on jobs can be difficult for freelancers. It is often challenging to figure how long a project will take– so sometimes we bid far too low and end up regretting it. Another hard part of what we do is tracking all of the little pieces of projects that we need to do. Using a good project management software can take a lot of the guesswork out of these processes and help you make the most of your working hours. I know that I need good time and project management solutions, so I have been researching a number of different platforms to decide which different ones to use– and thought I would have to choose one for time tracking, another for project management, and still another to track the money issues. However, today I came across Upland Software’s Tenrox 2013 R2, and I am really excited about it– it seems to do everything a freelancer needs, in one package.

Tenrox seems to be really easy to learn and easy to use, which is one of my main requirements for this type of program; I spend far too much time learning lots of different business software that I use to actually perform my freelancing jobs, so I really do not want to spend a lot of time learning an administrative program. It also offers a mobile application for tracking time and expenses– this is important to me, because if I don’t immediately track something the chances are I never will. (That’s just me– a little ADHD, unfortunately.)  Anyway, I really like that I can access it on my phone anytime– or on my Samsung tablet, my Windows 8 laptop or  or my desktop. Tenrox has modules for resources, finances and project data…so I can track everything in one place, instead of piece-meal like some other solutions I have used in the past.

Even better, the software allows me to track all of the most important stuff on the home page, and it is flexible so that I can change things up when needed. The design looks simple and the navigation easy—no searching for the things I need and trying to figure out how to make it work.

I am looking forward to doing a trial of this software; I especially like that it can help me track project trends so that I can make more accurate bids on all my future projects. It also can track all of my clients and their past projects, along with notes about each. This can be invaluable when hearing from someone I’ve done a project or two for, but have not heard from in a while. Oh, and did I mention that all of this computing and project power is in the cloud? No downloads needed. No wonder so many bigger companies (Barnes & Noble, GE and Estee Lauder) use products from this company. I am glad that they have made an affordable solution for smaller businesses.

Find out what Tenrox can do for you– real-time visibility on project statusesmoney issues and resources– improve productivity of your team, no matter where they are–at www.tenrox.com


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