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Have you ever Considered Working Overseas?

on September 18, 2012


This is a guest post by James Anderson, originally titled 10 Mistakes not to make when Applying for Jobs Overseas. I have not actually considered this myself, but we did kind of look into Australian driving jobs for my husband a while back– rumor has it they make about double the pay here in the United States. I did not find any information that confirmed that, and gave up. But maybe it’s time to look into it again with these tips. I think we might enjoy some time “down under.” I just might find time to put together those three books I have started. LOL It is a big world, and I think we should see as much of it as possible, no matter our age or circumstances, being open to working overseas might just work out well for some. 

Although you must have prepared yourself in the best manner to enter the corporate world, you will see some gaps still exist between college and professional life. This is especially true for those graduates who want to apply for jobs overseas. Obviously, there is a huge difference in workplaces beyond the borders. So, you have to respond accordingly.
Have a look at the following mistakes you should avoid when you apply for jobs overseas:

Koala Bear in a Tree1. Not Conducting Research about Countries of Your Interest

After completing four fun-filled years of college, many graduates put less emphasis on where they want to reach. They do not focus on which country they want to work in. If your aim is to work abroad, then you should avoid this mistake.

Conduct ample research of the country of interest for you. Know about the country’s culture, how corporations run businesses, how people balance their life with work, etc. Also, find out how much it will cost you.

2. Not Contacting the Embassy of That Country

Graduates have passion to work abroad, but unfortunately they end up making mistakes as they are not aware of many requirements for overseas. This also includes not asking details about a country of interest from the embassy of the same. If you want to succeed while moving to an entirely new country, make sure you contact its embassy.

3. Not Applying For Visa and Passport

No matter how capable a graduate claims to be for an organization, he/she cannot prove it unless he/she goes abroad. They cannot do anything if they have not applied for a visa and passport in advance. So when you apply for overseas jobs, keep in mind that you should apply for your visa and passport as soon as possible.

4. Not Making Preparations In Advance

Some jobs in the international market require candidates to pass physical exams and various interviews. Some graduates take this lightly and do not prepare well. However, this is a mistake while applying for jobs abroad. In order to increase your chances to get a job in the country of your choice, you should make necessary preparations in advance.

5. Not Managing Your Personal FinancesAustralia on the Globe

Sometimes, graduates cannot ensure whether they can repay the amount of student loan or not. They may have debt problems in the future if they are unable to repay the debt and get credit card debt relief. If you have the same issue, then you should first take debt relief advice from professionals. Taking debt relief advice will help you get credit card debt relief.

6. Not Using Different Sources when Job Searching

Relying just on a job portal is not a wise decision. So, use different sources for job searching. Eventually, you will get a job abroad.

7. Not Learning the Country’s Language Where You Want to Work

It is definitely a plus if you already know the language of the country you wish to work in. If not, then you should learn it now.

8. Not Trying To Start the Career

Being a graduate does not mean you will get your dream job. However, most people have th mindset. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that any job will work for you to start your career. If you are not getting any response from abroad, give your career a start by doing a local job. After all, this will add to your work experience.

9. Not Trying To Update Your Skills

Sometimes, overseas employers require more from you than just a college degree. In order to have an edge over other candidates, make sure you do your best. This will require you to Great Ocean Road update your skills that you can apply in your job abroad.

10. Not Being Yourself

Of course overseas employers are not looking for robots! In the job interview, a lot of graduates end up repeating the same goals that they read as examples in their class lectures. However, the corporate world demands originality from your side. If you keep on repeating these same skills, employers may consider them as cliché. So, the ideal way to deal with interview questions is to be you.

Applying for jobs abroad is a lot different than applying for jobs within the same country. If you want to succeed in your overseas job hunting, then you should consider the many things mentioned above. If you manage to follow some specific rules and procedures, you can definitely achieve your goal in the right way.

James Anderson is a remarkable expert in the area of personal finance and provides debt relief advice to its readers. You can know more about it by reading about it online.



8 Responses to “Have you ever Considered Working Overseas?”

  1. Diane Conti says:

    Not checking the international cost of living index.
    Not having a back up plan for alternative gainful employment.
    Not having a complete heath and dental check before you go.
    Not bringing a 3 month supply of your medicines before you go.
    Not bringing a bilingual dictionary and Berlitz phrase book.

    • denisegabbard says:

      Good points, Diane– Have you worked overseas? I would not think of taking along a 3 month supply of meds….got the backup plan for income in place, though— ME! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Work overseas may seem abundant sometimes due to the amount of basic work pay but the earnings are still the same in view of the costly living expense. It is indeed important not to be easily misled by referring to the international cost of living index. Thanks for the very useful mistake alerts.

    • denisegabbard says:

      Hi Amy– I have also seen some positions, mostly ESL teaching jobs, that pay for living expenses. Would you say that is the norm?

  3. All very good points since many times people get wrapped up in the excitement of moving overseas and do not plan ahead. The more you know about the country that you are moving to, the better prepared you will be if something does go wrong. Even basic things like ‘How to pay rent?’ or “Where do I go if I’m sick?” are important to know when you’re a stranger in a new country.

    • denisegabbard says:

      Hi Izabela– thanks for stopping by. I think you are absolutely right about that! I keep threatening to move out of the United States if the election turns out bad–so it was interesting to see your site. My husband and I had heard that trucking was really big in your area of the world– is that the case? I have not been able to find much that would make me believe that— and I think if I could find him a decent driving job, I might get a chance to see New Zealand!

      • Hi! It looks like my previous reply didn’t get posted for some reason! Trucking is very big in Western Australia. This is where most of the mines are located. I’ve known friends who’ve moved to places like Kalgoorlie to work in the mines as truckers and security guards. There are some trucking jobs in the Central Otago/West Coast area of New Zealand but not too many so most end up in Australia.

        In Australia, they mine gold, coal, and other minerals so there is a lot of wealth in cities like Perth.

        If you’re interested in finding out about mining jobs, here is one place to check: http://www.applydirect.com.au/jobs/Mining-Energy-Resources/Mining-Truck-Driver/all-states/all-cities. Generally, the benefits and pay are excellent.

        Of course, if you do end up in Australia, you will have to pay New Zealand a visit :-)

  4. Tam says:

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    However, how could we keep up a correspondence?

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