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Get Friends– Networking

I created this page with inspiration from @Ana Hoffman at Traffic Generation Cafe. If you have never checked out Ana’s blog, you really need to! She is on my Top Ten list of Bloggers for Writers to Follow. (Hmmmm….THAT sounds like a blog post for the near future.) She has a similar page on her website, and it was and is a great idea! Thanks, Ana!

This is the new WriteandGetPaid Friend’s Page, where you can feel to say hello, tell readers about your business, you blog, or your website. Get to know one another, ask questions about anything on the blog or off that has to do with writing, and network with other writers and bloggers.

I would love to hear what you are doing, planning, starting, or finishing!  So, what can you tell us? What does your business do? What things are on your plate right now? What is the one thing you have put off for far too long? Where do you go to meet other bloggers?

The Fine Print: Yes, certainly you can add anchor text and links to your posts here. Backlinks and traffic to your website or blog are part of the reason for this page…so that we can grow together!  Feel free to share your comment via social media once approved to get yourself some additional traffic and link love.

3 Things to do While you are here….

1.) There are many good posts on this blog, if I do say so myself!  I write most of them, but many are generously contributed by awesome guest bloggers. Check out a few and let me know what you think, and what else you would like to see a focus on; what information do you need about writing for a living? Other than that, just let me know whether you like a post. I love to hear your comments, suggestions, and yes, even constructive criticism. If you find a post, or two, that you like…please share it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

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4 Responses to “Get Friends– Networking”

  1. sarasmommy says:

    I would like to share how much Denise has helped me with my journey, she is an amazing teacher, very patient and brutally honest when she needs to be……..I would like to post my blog it is a work in progress…….


    • denisegabbard says:

      Thanks, Gail…you know as well as I do, though, that I get tied up in my own little world and do not always have the time to help. That is where this book will come in…you, and everyone else that is interested in learning how to get started and where to find work will be able to flip it open and find information quickly.

  2. Outside the box writer seeking creative outlet. Driven to market my writing after winning Naked Juice slogan contest. I handed Naked Juice over 60 slogans, on a silver platter, during my successful attempt to win their fb slogan contest. Now, every time I see my slogans, or derivatives of them, all over their bottles, it motivates me more.

    Now you will have to buy the cow, as there is no more milk for free.

    I’m a sloganist.
    I’m a copywriter.
    I have a deep spiritual side and intuition.
    I am an optimist and translate hope well.
    I always cast a wide net, when writing, and capture diverse followers easily.

    Those who read my emails from my daughter’s recent transplant experience beg me to publish them. Two encouragers even printed my email stream out (100+ pages) and dropped the binder off on my doorstep with their pleas to please publish. I am in the process of doing just that.

    I can run circles around most people, slogan-wise. Lock me in a room. Give me a topic and sit back and see what I can do.

    It will blow your mind.

    Hire me.

    Kathleen Hibbler, M.Ed.

    I hail from Houston, Texas
    I’m from an amazingly creative large Irish family. My parents speak in prose.
    Music, higher education, sports, faith, family, travel and exploring the great outdoors played equal parts in my upbringing. The end result of this brand of nurturing with minimal exposure to media as a child, is my unique ability to communicate.

    • denisegabbard says:

      Hi Kathleen– Congrats on the Naked Juice contest win, and good luck publishing about your journey with your daughter!

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