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Friday Writer’s Roundup: Great Advice for Freelancers

on May 2, 2014

rp_depositphotos_8545153_xs.jpgI found lots of great resources this week that I wanted to share with all my writing friends– so I put them together in this blog post. Hope everyone has had a great, and productive, week! Life got in the way for me this week– luckily I have the weekend to get caught up :)

I also have a board on where I save the best information and articles I find around the internet, and I curate stuff to that board regularly. I try to share these things on social media, but sometimes the ADHD kicks in and I’m off to something else. Lots of good stuff on my board–you really should check it out, too:

Making your writer’s website earn work for you:

This blog post is from one of my favorite writer’s sites. Carol Tice, at Make a Living Writing, today allows James Chartrand to guest post, and he discusses writer’s websites and why many of them fail to convert visitors into paying writing clients. He gives lots of tips about correcting those problems that prevent people from pushing the ‘click here’ button, as well as some insights on writing that sells. THAT is a valuable writing skill in today’s environment.

Why some people will never make money writing:

Interesting, I stumbled upon another article this week that resonated with me. It talks about the differences between people that make real money writing, and those that just aren’t focused enough to make it work. Even more interesting was that the author, James Chartrand, wrote the above article on Carol Tice’s website. I found this piece of wisdom on Men With Pens, which makes the author’s bio even more cool for me. Check it out, you will be dumbfounded!

500 ways to make money online

This is a MEGA- post by Dave Schneider, and it is NOT about just writing, but about all different types of ways to make money online. Often, beginning writers need supplements to their income until they find their ‘sweet spot’ and the right clients to propel themselves forward. The information in this loooonggg blog post will give you all you need to find other ways to pay the bills while working on your writing business.  This blog post will keep you busy for a long time, if you are like me and are curious about everything!

Can YOU make money blogging?

This is a good blog post from DailyBlogTips about making money blogging– seriously! It discusses what you need to make money with your blog, and surprisingly, none of those things is money to start it with. Anyone can start a blog, but not anyone can make money with it. This post is a good place to start if you are wondering whether it would be realistic for you to try earning a living with a blog.

rp_self-pub.jpgAre you a REAL writer?

This article from Copyblogger discusses the difference between REAL writers, those who live to write, and those people who only write to make a living. While there is room for both types in this world, obviously, the ‘writers’ that are passionate about what they do are the ones who will be most successful. This post will give writers great tips to elevate themselves to the next level.

Finished a book? Now what?

If you have already taken that next step and completed a book, you are probably wondering how to get Simon & Schuster interested. While it is still worthwhile to submit books to literary agents, do not limit yourself by refusing to self-publish if no one offers you a contract. Nowadays, many amazing authors self-publish their work, and it is a great way to get your work known and make some money; many self-published authors are quietly making a living.  This post offers a good review of the Kindle self-publishing platform.

Hope that some, or all, of these articles will help you, whatever stage of writing you are in. I know I find small bits of inspiration in each of them.  For me, staying busy is key. I am blogging, proofreading a book for an awesome client, working on a Wiki for another, and finishing up my writing book so that I can publish it before my birthday in July.

What are YOU working on today?





35 Responses to “Friday Writer’s Roundup: Great Advice for Freelancers”

  1. […] I found lots of great resources this week that I wanted to share with all my writing friends– so I put them together in this blog post. Hope everyone has had a great, and productive, week! Life go…  […]

  2. becca says:

    I am trying to be a better blogger to be able to make money at it.

  3. These are all great tips. I don’t know if I have time to freelance, though – I can barely keep up with my own blog lol.

  4. Veronica says:

    I know a lot of people who make money blogging. Thanks for the great advice and resources

    • dgabbard says:

      Me, too! I am glad that so many do– I want to focus more on “ME” stuff this year– MY blogs, MY books, etc. instead of client work.

  5. Great advice, there are many people today who are trying to earn money with writing and blogging.

  6. There are a lot of resources to check out, thank you for sharing them. I do not focus as much on money, I blog for a hobby so if I make money great and if not that is fine too. I love seeing many of my blogger friends being able to survive on their blogging income though, that is awesome!

    • dgabbard says:

      I think it is awesome that the ability is there to do it. I love seeing lots of Moms stay home with their little ones and make a living. The option was just not there when my kids were little–spent too much time dragging them out in the cold.

  7. I am new to the blogging world but hope to one day make a reasonable amount of money at it. Thanks for the great advice.

    • dgabbard says:

      It is not all that hard to do from what I am gathering– it is something that I have actually not tried to do before…but a goal for this year. Along with publishing four separate books I’ve been working on, and keeping up with client projects :) And my husband wonders why dinner isn’t ready when he gets home?

  8. Great list of resources. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Veronica Lee says:

    Thanks for sharing these very helpful resources. I blog for fun. I’ve always admired bloggers who can make a living with their blogs.

    • dgabbard says:

      My blogs are not paying the bills, yet. That is actually one of my goals for this year, to get them making money. They have always been “just because”– and I earn my living with freelance writing and doing online marketing for businesses.

  10. This is a great resource list! I look forward to looking more at each one when I have some time.

    I’m a blogger and I’ve self-published a small eBook on Kindle. That was fun and I’m currently working on a children’s series with a friend. Can’t wait to start publishing those!! :)

    • dgabbard says:

      That is awesome! Just keep plugging away– children’s books are another thing I have thought about and procrastinated on for far too long… need to find a good illustrator.

  11. Holly Thomas says:

    I have done some Freelancing and it can be tough if your are not dedicated to it!

  12. Nikki says:

    I’ve been freelancing for years, and writing since I was a teenager. I will still read every one of these articles and tips because I think there is always something new to learn. Thank you for sharing them!

    • dgabbard says:

      Me, too— and for me it has been many MORE years than you!(Cuz you know I am vintage, lol.) I read tons of articles every single day, and yes, I think there is always so much more to learn.

  13. I have been earning money online since I can remember – it’s a two way thing. Sometimes you earn, sometimes you don’t but you just have to continue and try anyway.

    • dgabbard says:

      Younger people have been a lot quicker to jump on the opportunities the Internet provides– us …ahem…older folks are trying to catch up!

  14. metz says:

    Helpful advice from freelancers. We need advice from professionals or people whose experience is great and inspirational for us to learn and change what things needs to change in our making money life.

    Thanks for the links; it is great to know some list of articles that pays attention to new learners.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social bookmarking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

  15. Olamosh says:

    Hi dgabbard,

    Thanks for this wonderful advices and collections of resources for freelancer.

    I am a Freelance web developer and i know how challenging it is to get jobs on outsourcing websites like odesk and so on.

    There is no doubt about the benefits of the resources you shared here. I have just been able to read through 3 resources link and they are great, i have also bookmarked this article cos i need to take my precious time to check all the resources referenced in this article post. They will go a long way in helping to develop or brush up my freelancing CV

    Thanks for sharing this resources with us.

    Have a nice day

    I found the link to this post on Kingged and i have also kingged it on

  16. dave says:

    Thanks so much for including my post on how to make money online – but, it’s not hyperlinked :)

    • dgabbard says:

      Hi Dave– I found lots of good info on your site, and was happy to share it. However, have you seen this link-checking tool, Bad Neighborhoods? ( I just went through tons of grief with Google for “unnatural outbound links” and was told to unlink to any sites which that tool took issue with :( That is the reason it’s been so long since I’ve updated this blog as well.

  17. Dave says:

    Hey Denise,

    I just left a link to this round up in this post – thanks for putting a quality roound up together!


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