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  1. Hey Denise,
    My name is Dave and I am a blogger at SelfMadeBusinessman.com.
    I was looking for some link round up posts and I came across yours. I was hoping I could submit some of my articles for consideration. I have split them into category, with a short description.
    Also I am writing a post highlighting all the different people with link round ups, so I’d love to feature yours too!
    Thanks so much for your consideration, and have a lovely day!
    Content Marketing
    Title: The Definitive Guide To Guest Posting For Traffic

    Description: Although guest posting has been a controversial topic this year, this article breaks it down into everything you need to know to find the right blogs to pitch, and get a great feature that will drive traffic to your blog.


    Social Media
    Title: Hacking Triberr – How I Got A 6 Million Reach In Two Weeks With 80 Twitter Followers
    Description:Triberr is still relatively new for social media, but in this case study we see that even with just a few Twitter followers you can experience great results in a short amount of time.
    Title: How To Organize A Killer Round Up Post That Gets 300+ Shares
    Description:Round up posts can be a fantastic way to connect with influencers in your niche. This article is a case study on how a relatively new blog got three hundred shares and a lot of traffic by featuring 39 entrepreneurs
    Business And Marketing
    Title: 39 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their FIRST Ever Sale
    Description:If you are wondering about what product or service you should sell next, check out this case study of 39 entrepreneurs who share their first ever sales!


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