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Mistakes Writers Make: Cool Infographic

I stumbled upon this infographic when another blogger friend (Corina at NotNowMomsBusy) posted it– and I knew that I had to share it here on my writing blog. I have mentioned a few times before how critical it is that your writing is not just passable, but really good, when you want to earn a living with it. Unfortunately, there are people in cyberspace that call themselves writers, but are just plain awful! Does anybody else find it totally distracting when a piece of writing is full of grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes? Honestly, I will avoid that type of writing because it makes my head hurt!

Most freelancers and aspiring writers know how important good writing is and take measures to continually improve it. For me, that means reading (a lot), writing, proofreading, and rewriting what I’ve written until it sounds “right.” It is time-consuming and probably seems very anal to some people. However, every writer has their own  process; just be sure that you are publishing the best version of your writing! Read the rest of this entry »


Read This Before You Consider Self-Publishing

Self-publishing is a fantastic platform for aspiring authors and people who want to get their book out there. Searching for a publisher for years with no success can be very disheartening, so a lot of people are now choosing to publish their own books.

Unfortunately this allows for a lot of poor quality books to appear on the market and on our e-readersImage. Some people just want to get their books out there and put little thought into the quality and appearance of the book. It means that excellent quality self-published books are getting harder to find. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any.

Don’t make silly mistakes when it comes to self-publishing your book. Make sure you do everything you can to publish a manuscript that you can be proud of. Here are some common mistakes people make when attempting to self-publish their books.

High Expectations

The first thing you need to know is that this is a highly competitive market. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out “Simply getting attention is an enormous challenge, although e-books have a longer shelf life.” You probably already know this, but just repeat it to yourself before you begin the process. Don’t get your hopes up too early in the game. It’s extremely hard to stand out amongst the sea of books that are out there at the moment, and it’s not going to get any easier. Have some achievable goals to start off with, so you don’t get disheartened.

Poor Editing

It’s very frustrating when you read a book that hasn’t been edited properly. It distracts from the story and makes a potentially good book seem poor quality. The best thing you can do before you self-publish your book is have it professionally edited. Then you will have a manuscript that you know is top quality and mistake free.

Unimpressive Cover

Your cover is quite literally what will sell your book. Even terrible books will sell if they have a strong cover. It’s definitely worth investing in a professional to design your book cover. Would your book stand out on the shelf amongst 100’s of other books? A lot of thought and consideration needs to go into producing a noticeable cover.

If The Quality Isn’t There…

People feel the need to self-publish just because they can. Do not put yourself out there if your book isn’t up to standard. You will end up wasting a lot of time and money. Be patient; if you think your book needs a little more work then allow time to improve it. Don’t try and publish it before it’s ready.

Poor Title

One of the major mistakes people make when self-publishing their own books is using a poor title. You don’t want your title to get lost. You need something unique if possible that will bring up your book when people search for it online. You don’t want to be 5 pages in before your book comes up. Be clever with the title and consider how searchable it is. Some authors try and choose similar names to very successful books but this doesn’t always work. First and foremost you need a title that accurately represents your book and is easy to remember, something that will stick in people’s minds.

Getting Taken Advantage Of

A lot of people who want to self-publish will pay companies thousands to bring their book to life. You need to find a printing company that is not only a good value, but one that has your interests at heart. Bill Goss of Book Printing Direct said “Look for a book printing company you can trust to produce high quality books at a reasonable cost.

Don’t let companies that are trying


to make a huge profit at your expense take advantage of you just because you are desperate to make your dream of publishing a book come true.”

Not Knowing Why You Have Written Your Book

It’s important that you know why you have written your book and what the purpose of publishing it is. A lot of people who try and self-publish do so without really knowing why they wrote the book in the first place. Do you just want it printed for friends and family or are you aiming to try and make some money from selling your book?

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How Do You Manage Your Freelance Projects? Try This

tenroxBidding on jobs can be difficult for freelancers. It is often challenging to figure how long a project will take– so sometimes we bid far too low and end up regretting it. Another hard part of what we do is tracking all of the little pieces of projects that we need to do. Using a good project management software can take a lot of the guesswork out of these processes and help you make the most of your working hours. I know that I need good time and project management solutions, so I have been researching a number of different platforms to decide which different ones to use– and thought I would have to choose one for time tracking, another for project management, and still another to track the money issues. However, today I came across Upland Software’s Tenrox 2013 R2, and I am really excited about it– it seems to do everything a freelancer needs, in one package. Read the rest of this entry »

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