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How to Find Great Writing Clients that Value Your Skills!

Yes, these people are out there– but you will not find them by scouring Freelancer; many people there are looking for writers to put together masterpiece articles for a dollar or two apiece. There are some great clients, but it takes a lot of weeding through junk offers to find good ones. I should qualify these statements by saying that if you do happen to luck upon a good client on a site like Freelancer, ODesk, or ELance, they are likely to be quite loyal if you write great content for them!

Remember: Writing and online marketing skills are in extreme demand , and there is no reason to settle for pennies.

mighty mouseYou have to get outside your comfort zone and go after the work and the clients you want! The alternative to online sites  is to get busy marketing your business.  I can hear the groans now, and I know the comments I will get. “I’m a writer! I don’t do marketing!”  Really, what you are is a business owner– and you must wear a number of different hats.  The good news is, as writers we make great marketing professionals because we already have such awesome super writing powers!

Here are a few good places to look for awesome clients: Read the rest of this entry »


40+ Places to find Good Paying Freelance Writing Work

There are lots of websites out there that pay writers $10-$20 per article, but today I went in search of places where established, quality writers can make more money. These are sites that expect the articles to come to them polished– no typos, no grammar slips, no awkward sentences. Just good, compelling content that their readers will love and share!

Okay, so here are some good places to check out for work that pays much better than the “content mills” (sites like TextBroker, Demand Media, and MediaPiston– which all serve a purpose, but do not pay really well.)

Local Businesses: I cannot stress this enough!  There are literally hundreds, probably thousands, of small businesses in your immediate area with websites that do little to nothing in terms of bringing in revenue. A good writer can post articles and blogs on the web to drive traffic and increase search engine rankings–which in turn increase revenues and profits. You can also help revamp their websites, and market the website and the business for them on the web.  Approach these companies directly–you can typically find a list on your Chamber of Commerce website. Send them a prospecting letter, along with some samples of your work—and yes, it is absolutely fine to do it online. Many businesses prefer email communications.

Check out this Roundup:  This is a roundup of over 30 sites that pay writers for their articles. Most pay around $50 or more, and some pay as much as $900 for a long piece, compiled by young blogger Bamidele Onibalusi. Check them out and make some money!  http://www.youngprepro.com/websites-that-pay/

Odesk, VWorker, Elance–Seriously! You just need to ignore the lowball offers and look for the REAL employers who realize that outsourcing is less expensive than hiring a full-time writer; these people are looking for quality writers. I have several clients on VWorker that pay me from $30–$100 for articles from 300 words to 1500 words. Professional companies NEED good writers they can turn to in a pinch, so WOW them with your writing and they will keep coming back.  Also check out this article by Missy Nolan– she tells you how to filter out all the junk offers on Odesk. http://daniellemcgaw.com/how-can-i-get-high-paying-writing-jobs-on-odesk

Technical Writing, Screenplays, Travel, Sales Writing: Certain writing niches pay better than others, and if you yourself established in one of these areas, your income will skyrocket. Companies will pay  from $500 to $1,000 for a well-converting sales letter. (That means a long-form sales letter, typically 1500-2500 words that SELLS a product!) Technical writing is very detailed, but also pays extremely well. Beginning screenwriters can earn upwords of $40,000 annually, and the sky is the limit for those with experience– one hit movie and you can name your price! Beginning travel writers only make about $30,000 per year on average, but they can also get perks like free travel and meals. Experienced travel writers earn much more.

Make Use OF: This site pays per post,  Minimum of $60 per post, $10 bonus for posts taken from Story Ideas page, bonuses for lots of traffic to your article. Write a good article that gets shared a lot, and you will likely make over $100.   http://www.makeuseof.com/write-for-make-use-of/

Please keep in mind, if you are brand new and do not yet have a portfolio of good work you can show, you most likely will not get these higher paying jobs– yet.  If you are new to freelance writing, or just have not gained any ground, check out this article for new freelance writers on my sister site. It gives you some actionable steps to take when getting started.  Follow the steps I outline, and you will be able to start making some money right away, and be moving toward the better-paying jobs that we are discussing on this post. 


Affiliate Marketing For Writers

Thanks to Jon Rhodes for writing this blog post. Affiliate marketing is one way that writers can make significant income, and Jon is nice enough to share a small fraction of what he has learned about it here. If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, which is one of my goals for this year, you should definitely spend some time checking out his website. 

Affiliate marketing opens up a load of possibilities for writers to make money online. This article will explain a bit about what affiliate marketing is, and how it can be used by writers to earn money online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you sell products that other people have created, in return for a percentage commission. So for example you may sell an e book someone else has written for a 50% commission. You don’t need to worry about buying stock, processing orders, or delivery. This is all sorted out automatically for you. You can literally make sales whilst in your sleep! Read the rest of this entry »