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How do you Keep Readers Coming Back? 7 Tips for Return Visits

Do you own a business and have a website to promote it? Or are you a blogger who is looking to expand your audience? Whatever your website venture may be, utilize the following tips to make sure that people keep coming back. 

  1.    1/ Keep Content Fresh Web surfers are not going to visit your website multiple times if it says the same thing every time they are there. Make sure    that your content is up-to-date and new. If you blog about fashion, include the latest fashion trends or fashion shows on your webpage. If you own a small, clothing business, be sure to update styles seasonally at the least.
  2.    2.Use SEO Strategies Consider using some search engine optimization strategies. Visitors might remember the content of your site, but forget the exact URL. By using SEO techniques that bring your site to the top of Google searches, you can ensure that people will find you again by typing in words and phrases closely associated with your topic.
  3.    3. Sneak Peeks Perhaps you own a store where you run special deals from time to time. If that’s the case, post a message that says that deals will be coming soon. Potential and returning clients will know that they should keep checking back to see when it’s posted.
  4. Advertise! What happens if you start a blog and post the link to it only once on your Facebook? Well, most likely, people will read it only once. Promote your blog or website every time that you have a new post through social media sites to ensure that the visitors keep on comin’.
  5. Offer Deals Another way to get people to return to your website time and time again is to offer deals and promotions for repeat customers. For example, you could give customers one point for every dollar that they spend, and when they reach a certain number of points, allow them to select an item for free.
  6. Fresh Format Too Changing the content of your website frequently is important, but so is updating the format and color schemes. People get tired of seeing the same old background every single day. Instead of just making the information mentally stimulating, make sure that the layout, fonts and so forth are visually enticing as well.
  7. Advertisements on Sites Do you have a friend or networking associate who runs a business or website that has some similarities with yours? If that’s the case, you should help each other out. Place ads for the other person’s business or website on your own, and ask him or her to do the same. When people visit one of the sites, they will be reminded to check out the other one as well.

Creating a website that people will visit is hard enough without worrying about generating repeat traffic. However, making sure that you know your audience, their interests and other websites that they may frequent is a major part of creating such a strategy. Remember to constantly reach out to interested parties to further expand your business.

Ashley Timmson writes about marketing, business & more at backgroundcheck.org.


SEO– DIY or Pro Services?

If you own a website or a blog, especially if you are attempting to monetize it, strong SEO is vital for its survival. You can spend lots of time reading and learning about SEO and how to do it properly yourself, but the other option often makes better sense.

SEO Services can look at your site and quickly point out any changes you should make, and then engage in an SEO campaign to move your site to the top of page one for your requested keywords. If you are asking what all of this means, let me explain. First things first, SEO means search engine optimization. Though that is a very common term, I did see a blog comment the other day asking what it meant and why it was important. Those who immerse ourselves in these things sometimes forget that others do not necessarily “get” what we mean unless we spell it out. What SEO does is tells the search engines what your blog or website is about, so that when someone does a search for leather sandals, they do not land on a website filled with baby toys, for instance.

Of course, you want many visitors to come to your site, because more visitors equal more sales or more prestige and a better online reputation. However, you want those visitors to be targeted—so that what your website or blog is about is what they were looking for. Targeted visitors will spend more time on your site, reading your posts or articles, and those loyal visitors are the ones who will eventually buy from you if you have products, whether they are information products or otherwise.

Now what about those keywords and that page one thing I mentioned. Consider how you search for something. If you need a haircut, you likely would use “haircut, zip code” to find a salon or barber shop close to where you are. If I own a barbershop, my keywords would likely be haircut, shave, barber, barbershop, and men’s cuts, so that when a local person needs a haircut, he will find me. Of course, I need to be on the first page of that search, because 80% of people will never go past the first page.

Now let’s take our barbershop marketing a little further. There might be fifteen barbershops in your local area, and you need to be on page one to get found easily. Targeted, local SEO will do that for you. Competition is tough, but if you know about SEO, or have a good SEO service to do this for you, you will come out on top. Considering many people do not use physical telephone books any longer, you cannot ignore the internet even if you are a local company.

Another important aspect of online marketing is reputation management. What if you give somebody a haircut and they hate it? In times past, they might tell a few people not to go to your barbershop. With the ease of use of social media, they could ruin your business in just a few minutes by posting to their Facebook account, Yelp, and a number of other sites dissing your services. Would you know how to handle that issue? A good SEO services firm can help with all of your online marketing needs.


Can you Really Make Money Blogging?

This guest post comes from Marilu Nieto AKA The Home Biz Diva. It is her very first guest post, so please check out her website and show her why it is important to get out and visit!

In today’s society the thought and search for opportunities to work from home are in demand for the obvious reason of flexibility offered by the stay home environment. Finding these jobs and making money online from home opportunities is as easy as turning on your computer and logging in. Though paychecks and benefits may not be as regular and scheduled as a career that takes you outside of the home, work from home opportunities are a great way to get a little extra work done without leaving your home or you can do all your work from the comfort of your home. There are plenty of professional and seemingly non-professional options when it comes to jobs that remain within the home.

One huge and powerful way of making money from home is by writing. You can make money online from home. Do you like to write? Do you have a passion for getting your message out? You may have and interest in losing weight, vacation destinations, debt relief, children’s toy reviews, anything at all that interests you, will definately interest someone else. It is all up for grabs and you can do it. Blogging is an excellent way to create a following, create a business or simply because you like to write.

A great way to start writing is with a hub page. Will not cost you one penny. With a hub page you can experiment. Hub pages are great. You can stay with the hub’s or you can move onto other platforms. Once you start getting a following, you will feel the benefits of writing and having your work recognized.

Not everyone likes to write, granted, but lots of people do. Some people are afraid to put down on paper their thoughts and ideas. Don’t be, it is an expression of oneself and it is a peace of real estate that will be around as long as the internet exists. Talk about immortality.

If you want to start a blog, go for it. You can start a blog with Blogger from Google. Once again, Blogger is a free platform. You can also start a free blog on WordPress but keep in mind that WP does not allow affiliate links. Affiliate links are advertising and they will shut you down if they find links on your blog. Clarification, I am talking about WordPress, not Blogger. Affiliate links are allowed on blogger. Another idea would be to purchase a domain and then work with WordPress. Just add wordpress onto your site with Fantastico. Lot’s of information, right? Take it slow and start with the free platforms. I know you will soom move onto the paid domain sites and begin to grow your business.

With a paid domain, you will need hosting. There are many, many hosting companies. To get the most for your money and to obtain a lot more than just hosting you may want to visit GVO. Take a look and see all the benefits. We maybe putting the horse before the carriage. Hosting is with a paid domain. The first suggestion is for a free platform and move on from there.

The reason blogs exist is because the internet is a resource center. Google wants information and that is what it searches for. Blogs are great. What you want to load a blog with is good quality content. That is what Google likes to see and that is what visitors want to read.

So you see, it does not take much to get to blogging and eventually making money online from home. Don’t think you just put up a blog and write and people will visit and you will make “chu-ching”… No you have to put some work into it.

When you become serious about your blogging and you decide to make a living online by writing, then do look for tools that will help get free traffic get to your blog or site. The more traffic you receive, the more chances you have of visitors clicking your affiliate links and the more money you will make. This is major. Traffic is the life blood to make your living online.

Once you are established I am going to suggest that you also sign up for Webfire. This is an online software that has many tools to get your sites and blogs ranking high on Google, sending traffic to your sites and blogs and money into your pocket. Start today. Begin to live your dream. Yes, money can be made on the internet and it is being done every day by blogging.

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

~ Maria Robinson

About Author: Marilu Nieto, The Home Biz Diva, is an experienced Real Estate Broker and Affiliate Marketer writing informative articles related to online marketing. Best Home Based Business is a resource to start a full time business online. As a new online marketing affiliate it is necessary to seek step by step knowledge as offered by PlugInProfits 


12 Blogging Tips for Small Businesses and Professional Services

This guest blog post comes from Ethan S., who works with the Ed Moore Law Firm in Dallas, Texas. Though slanted toward building business for a law firm, his tips are easily transferable to most small businesses and professional services organizations. 
Have you ever wanted to start a blog to bring in more clients or give general advice to consumers? Perhaps you heard that blogging is a great way to help improve your business website by bringing in more online traffic and establishing your law firm as an expert in the field. Unfortunately, that great blogging idea you initially thought would bring in more traffic might be set aside and forgotten, leaving that online traffic to trickle away. By following a few simple tips, lawyers and professionals in any industry can bring the website back to life.   Read the rest of this entry »


Guest Post: How to Make Money as an Online Writer

This guest post was submitted by Victoria Heckstall, the writer of the Young Work at Home Moms blog. She gives advice for beginning freelance writers here, and explores freelance and other work from home opportunities on her blog. 

Becoming a freelance writer is a great decision with the way the economy is now,  if you know how to write. What many people do not understand is that it does not take an English degree to make money writing online. As a matter of fact, you may be surprised to know that the majority of freelance writers pulling in top dollars are stay at home moms; these writers  might have no degree at all or a degree in something that is not related to writing.

When first thinking of becoming a freelance writer you need to decide whether or not you want to do it full time of part time. Depending on your skills, you may be able to make a full time income only working part time. Of course,  you cannot expect to start off at this point. In order to become a successful writer in the online world you must first establish yourself. When trying to establish yourself try starting your own blog or website, writing guest posts,  and content mill submissions. However, at the same time you should be focusing on finding private clients because content mills are mainly just used to test your skills because the pay is not all that great.
Some content mills that you can consider, however, are TextBroker, Interact Media and Writer’s Access. All three of these places seem to be easy to write for and pay an okay amount of money for someone who is just trying to get into the writing industry. Starting a blog or website should be your next move. To begin with you can make a free blog that tells about your writing career. This way potential clients can see your writing style as well as see some of the experience that you have when it comes to writing. A great blog that features a writing success journey is Young Work At Home Moms. To drive traffic to your website you can experience guest posting. The posts you write can also be used for samples because they are published under your name. The downside of basing your career strictly off of content mills is that your work is not published under your name so you cannot use it for samples.

Overall, everyone is going to have a different writing career. Also, different things work for different people so just check around on forums and social media websites for advice on how to get started and explore different options. Some of the options will work while others will not. But, in the end keep trying because once you are established freelance writing will not only be something that is fun but it will be something that is rewarding as well.

This guest post comes from freelance writer Victoria. Currently, she is writing about different investment banking companies such as CIBC World Markets.