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Friday Writer’s Roundup: Great Advice for Freelancers

rp_depositphotos_8545153_xs.jpgI found lots of great resources this week that I wanted to share with all my writing friends– so I put them together in this blog post. Hope everyone has had a great, and productive, week! Life got in the way for me this week– luckily I have the weekend to get caught up :)

I also have a board on Scoop.it where I save the best information and articles I find around the internet, and I curate stuff to that board regularly. I try to share these things on social media, but sometimes the ADHD kicks in and I’m off to something else. Lots of good stuff on my Scoop.it board–you really should check it out, too: http://www.scoop.it/t/writing-by-denise-gabbard Read the rest of this entry »


Inspire Better Writing: 5 Wise Quotations

They say that writing is one of the loneliest jobs in the world. Certainly, staring at the blank page, surrounded only by the thoughts and feelings of your characters, it can seem that way. Take solace in the fact that this is a trail that has been traveled by some of the greats. Look at that tree over there; it has Charles Dickens’ initials carved into the soft bark. And over there; a cane Stephen King left behind as he floated off to a horrific, otherworldly dimension. Writing may be a task done in solitude, but that doesn’t mean a writer is alone. These 5 inspirational quotes that will motivate you come from some of the best writers of all time and should inspire you to move forward fearlessly.

Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand. – George Orwell

It’s easy to feel a little lost when you step up to the blank page. You think back to those short stories you wrote in high school and wonder why it is you ever thought writing was fun. Now, consumed as you are with character and plot, you realize that good writing is hard work. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, is there? Listen to that demon within you – it wants to be heard.

The first draft of anything is shit. – Ernest Hemingway

Never one to mince words, Hemingway’s famous quote belongs on every writer’s wall. A first draft is just that. Get the story out and don’t concern yourself about how dreadful it is. You can take as many future drafts as you like to carve it into something worth reading.

The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt. – Sylvia Plath

One of the biggest mistakes a writer can make is to see publication and success as carrots to inspire their prose. There’s nothing wrong with having those goals, but they should be separate from the creative process. If you’ve ever let a rejection letter (or a hundred) stop you from moving forward, try to re-discover the confidence and imagination that inspired you to write in the first place. Success has as much to do with timing and luck as it does with talent and skill. 

No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader. – Robert Frost

Bad fiction is filled with predictability. If your story is simply following the beats of a formula, it’s time to take a step back and re-evaluate your work. Some genre fiction must adhere to certain rules, but there is enormous room for experimentation and surprise even within the most limited frameworks. Keep surprising yourself and your readers will thank you.

Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page for each day, it helps. Then when it gets finished, you are always surprised. – John Steinbeck

Stephen King once called his 1200 page novel The Stand his “own personal Vietnam.” It can be difficult to realize that your story is going to require hundreds of pages when you’re only able to squeeze out a page or two a day. Take your time, treat each page as its own victory, and you’ll get there. Remember, you’re traveling a path that many others have successfully traversed. Take their triumph as inspiration.



Financial Blog Carnival– Check out these Awesome Posts from Smart Money Bloggers

This week I am delighted to host the Blog Carnival for the Yakezie network of financial bloggers. Yakezie is a group for finance and finance-related blogs, and it is filled with smart money bloggers; I have learned a lot from this group of people about different aspects of finance that I was not familiar with. They are a great group and are always easy to get in touch with if you have any questions– and they will actually respond to you! 

Budgeting, saving money, simplifying our lives are huge for us since our kids have all grown….so I am glad all these smart folks are writing about finance. Of course, if you are interested in learning about how to make money from home by writing, or working in social media, or other types of online marketing….you should take a peek at some of my other blog articles. 

Happy Monday to everybody! Please stop by each of these blogs and say hello! 

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes Roth IRA Contribution and Income Limits for 2012 – The Roth IRA is a great investment tool to help you save for retirement. But unfortunately there is only so much you are allowed to put into it every year. See the 2012 Roth IRA contribution and income limits.

Jessica @ Budget for Health writes Opening a Roth IRA – Don’t bother reading if you’re looking for guidance. It’s really the opposite and I’m asking for help! What I have learned is that there are many factors to consider when opening a Roth IRA.   (Sounds like Jessica should talk to Glen)

J.P. @ Novel Investor writes How To Find A Financial Advisor – Let’s face it, not everyone is equipped, comfortable or willing to do their finances themselves. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to find a financial advisor to help you along the way.

Greg Field @ NerdWallet writes I Just Graduated and I’m Saving for Retirement?!? – Tips for saving for retirement right out of school. Good information for anyone planning for retirement. Enjoy!   Believe me, you can never start too early… 

Maria @ The Money Principle writes There is nothing wrong with quitting; but you have to know what to quit and why are you quitting – We consider persistence important but it is even more important to decide what to quit and when to quit. The dip provide a reference frame.

L Bee @ L Bee and the Money Tree writes What my father taught me about customer service. – I was busy yesterday celebrating father’s day! We met my brother for lunch and then went shopping at the outlet center and I did not get home until 6:30 or so and had to finish up the article due on my first freelance assignment.

Dr. Dean @ The Millionaire Nurse Blog writes Extra Money: What’s Holding Me Up? – Refinance and put money in your pocket. Great idea-so why haven’t I refinanced?

SFB @ Simple Finance Blog writes Is It Worth Holding Out For Your Home’s Asking Price? – $5,000 isn’t chump change – but it’s not the whole picture when trying to figure out whether to drop your asking price when your home’s on the market.

A Blinkin @ Funancials writes Saving Money in a Home Office – If you run a home-based business, you probably have encountered this before…Since you’re not in a normal office, should you spend money on expensive equipment? Or are there other alternatives to suite my needs? It’s a question that office workers don’t consider – they just go to their copy room and utilize the vast array

Sustainable PF @ Sustainable Personal Finance writes Why You Don’t Want to Keep Up with the Joneses – Most of us have heard about keeping up with the Joneses, this article explains why you definitely should not do this!

Jon the Saver @ Free Money Wisdom writes Things to Consider When Opening a Roth-IRA – There are some things you need to consider before opening a new Roth-IRA account. With this new knowledge, you can be confident in a new account.

Kyle @ The Penny Hoarder writes 9 Ways for Slackers to Make Money Playing Games – Nothing is better than making money from something you already love doing and after two years of writing for this blog, I’m starting to believe it’s possible.  Will have to show this to number 2 son!

John @ Married (with Debt) writes Push Yourself, But Not Over a Cliff – If you’ve been following our debt payoff progress reports, you know that we are two months away from paying off approximately $100,000 in consumer and student loan debt.

Greg Field @ NerdWallet writes I Just Graduated and I’m Saving for Retirement?!? – An interesting review of things to consider when saving for retirement, especially for young adults who aren’t always things of it. Enjoy

Aloysa @ My Broken Coin writes Battling Shopping Addiction: Making Behavioral Changes – Do you have Shopping Addiction? Learn how to Battling Shopping Addiction by making behavioral changes.

Corey @ 20s Finances writes We Set Up a Fun Budget – I have previously talked about our jump in income over the past year. For those who don’t know, I started making a little money on the side from my new hobby and my wife got a promotion. We have been very diligent in saving and putting money towards retirement, but we never really gave in to some of our wants.  Gotta budget in some F-U-N! 

Eddie @ Finance Fox writes No Degree? No Problem! 8 Six Figure Jobs That Don’t Need A Degree – There are many people who do not participate in post-secondary education, and still become successful earning six-figure incomes.

PPlan @ Provident Plan writes Why Conservative Christianity is Inherently Frugal – Find out why conservative Christianity can help many people and families save money.

Wayne @ Young Family Finance writes How to Save Money when Traveling – The past few weeks have been really busy with my family. My wife and I have been going to weddings left and right, as well as taking our annual vacation.

Jason @ Work Save Live writes What To Do When Selling a House – 7 Things To Get it Ready to Sell – What To Do When Selling a House After looking at potential houses to buy over the last month, it AMAZES me how many people simply don’t get their house ready to sell.

Theresa Torres @ Retirement Calculator writes Paying Off Student Debt vs. Saving for Retirement – Here are several things to consider before deciding to focus on paying off student debt first or saving for retirement. You can also choose the option to balance both goals. In the end, it’s all about finding out what would work best for you.

Dave @ Financial Conflict Coach writes The #1 Cause of Financial Conflict – It doesn’t take much to plant the seed for conflict. In fact, roughly 90% of conflict, financial or otherwise, is caused by the same thing.   I’m intrigued…this is a must read. 

Daisy @ Add Vodka writes Informal Learning Through Blogs – I am a huge advocate for lifelong learning. I think it’s important to continuously develop oneself, learn new things, and gain new skills.

Tushar @ Start Investing Money writes Got Credit Card Debt? Then Don’t Invest – As you’ll no doubt have noticed, the whole idea behind this website is to encourage and guide you in the process of investing money. But there are always caveats to this procedure. The main one is to note that debt should always be taken care of first.

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Mr. BFS Grabbed a New Hobby Job – The decrease in business has left us with some unexpected free time. Mr. BFS and I started looking into ways of monetizing that time.

Jen @ Master the Art of Saving writes 5 Things To Consider Before Buying Your First Home – When the idea of buying a home first came to mind, years ago, I set some conditions to meet first. I figured that I would know I was ready to buy my first home.

Jason @ Live Real, Now writes Becoming a Landlord – We recently inherited a house. Now that the house is approaching the point where we can begin updating and remodeling, I’ve been looking into the requirements to rent it out.

Lazy Man @ Lazy Man and Money writes How to Start an Internet Reselling Business – To start your own Internet reselling business, all you need are a few quick tips to get started. The stories you may have heard of earning million dollar salaries in your first year are likely fairy tales, but if you use common sense and run your business intelligently, there’s no reason why you can’t generate solid profits by selling items online.

Luke @ Learn Bonds writes Avoid This Common Mistake: Bond Funds are Not Only About Income – Although most investors in bond funds focus on Yield, there are actually 4 components to a bond fund’s return. Those who focus only on yield are missing the big picture, and could lose money as a result. The most important number is the fund’s total return, which is made up of the following 4 components:   1.

Kevin @ Thousandaire writes Cut Your Own Hair and Save $240 a Year – You can save a bunch of money by cutting your own hair instead of paying someone else to do it.

Robert @ The College Investor writes Our Outlook is Rosier – Now What? – If you’re one of the many Americans who tightened spending out of fear or economic reality, is it time to loosen up?

Ryan @ Early Retirement Investments writes Spread Betting and the Stock Market – Learn about spread betting and the stock market, perhaps it is a strategy that you can use?

MR @ Money Reasons writes Victory With REITs? – This is the victory that I’ve been having with REITs over these past 3 or 4 years. It’s been an exciting time!

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes 20 Ways to Not Spend Money While Onboard a Cruise, and Still Thoroughly Enjoy Yourself – Cruises are not frugal ventures. Just to purchase the airfare and tickets can cost a small fortune, let alone actual spending once you reach your travel

Daniel @ Sweating the Big Stuff writes Is An Allowance for Kids A Good Idea? – How should kids be taught about money? Is an allowance a useful tool or is it bad for children?

Passive Income Earner @ The Passive Income Earner writes High Interest Account Review – We all keep some cash around for paying bills, for future spending or simply for emergency. While we may only keep that money for weeks or months, we all want to have it earn the best interest possible while it remains in the bank.

YFS @ Your Finances Simplified writes Why Mint isn’t better than Yodlee – While Mint is touted as one of the better online financial aggregators, it is not the best option for everyone. Yodlee.com is!

101 Centavos @ 101 Centavos writes More Random Tips for the Kitchen – Yet another recycled post while we’re away galavanting around Europe. This one originally published in November 2010. More random tips for the kitchen: (1) Forget the salad spinner. It just takes up space in your cabinets. Rinse the greens in a regular colander, then place them on a clean kitchen towel.

PITR @ Passive Income To Retire writes Funding New Business Ideas – Find out how I plan to fund new business ideas and why a small cash flow gives me the advantage.  Checking this out first. 

Jeff Rose @ Good Financial Cents writes 4 Important Factors in Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy – When it comes to choosing the right life insurance there are many different factors that come into play. When I’m working with clients and helping them choose the life insurance that makes the most sense for them, we want to make sure we visit these factors.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes The 3 U’s of Success – The 3 U’s of Success is the twenty-first in a series of articles to help you reach your goal. Always read what KC writes:) 

JP @ My Family Finances writes Frugalistas Know Better Than Income Over-Acheivers – I want to increase my savings; should I focus on cutting the frills from my budget or pursue new sources of income? Although most writers would agree that both are useful, bloggers tend to split into two groups: Frugalistas and Income Over-Acheivers?

MMD @ MyMoneyDesign writes Life Lessons I Learned from Super Mario – Did you love Super Mario Bros as a kid? Did you know that there were tons of life-lessons packed inside that game? If you don’t believe me, read on and I’ll tell you what I learned from it.

MMD @ MyMoneyDesign writes Be Careful With The 4% Rule for Retirement Withdrawals – How safe do you think the 4% withdraw rate is for your retirement, and what variables affect its success? Is there a chance you may want to start with a lower percentage?

ETZ25 @ Entertainment Timez writes Dividend Stocks For Entertainment Update 1 – This is our plan of action that we want to take and the entry point that we will make our first stock purchase for the dividend stocks for entertainment.

Shawanda @ You Have More Than You Think writes How Do I Get Out of Credit Card Debt? – Credit card debt is some of the most crippling debt you can have. You’re wise to get rid of it ASAP. Here are four ways ways to get out of debt without earning more money.

Cash Flow Mantra @ Cash Flow Mantra writes Everybody Is Getting Into Real Estate – Maybe I am exaggerating a little, but it seems like every blogger that I read is getting into real estate. As a landlord myself, I can’t help but notice these things.

Jester @ The Ultimate Juggle writes Ways to Start a Business – Find out some of the many ways you can create your own business that don’t require taking out loans.

Grand Per Month @ Grand Per Month writes How to Make $1000 Per Month Teaching Almost Anything – Summer is a great time for private lessons for outdoor sports like tennis, baseball, golf or swimming. Winter is often a time when students need help in various courses. All seasons are good for music, art, and computer skills. A couple Saturdays per month with classes like this would make an extra $1000 per month.

Hank @ Money Q&A writes Why Every Renter Needs Renters Insurance – Every renter should have and needs renters insurance. Renters insurance is far too cheap and covers too many of your personal possessions not to protect yourself.

Suba @ Broke Professionals writes Crucial Questions To Ask When Hiring A Financial Planner – Crucial Questions To Ask When Hiring A Financial Planner is a post from: Broke Professionals if you enjoy it, please visit us and subscribe to the Feed. It can be difficult to hire someone who isn’t in your field of expertise.

Investor Junkie @ Investor Junkie writes Is Volatility Actual Risk? – This is something I think about a lot – is volatility in an investment a true measure of the investment’s riskiness? At some point this boils down into what you think about efficient market hypothesis. If markets always efficiently price securities, then more volatile stocks are riskier.

Corey @ Steadfast Finances writes The Hidden Costs of Owning a Smart Phone – Smart phones can be great to use, but they can cost an arm and a leg. Find out if it is worth the cost.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Give Back – When thinking about giving to charity, there is a misconception that you need to have money in order to donate. This is not true. You don’t have to donate money. You can donate goods and time as well.  Excellent point…

Invest It Wisely @ Invest It Wisely writes Living to 100 and Beyond: Building an Infinite Portfolio – This is the fourth and final post in a series of articles on living to 100 and beyond. In this post learn about the importance of creating an infinity portfolio!

Ashley @ Money Talks Coaching writes I H8 Debt – Hello!! I know I’ve been kinda MIA for a while. I’m going to use the excuse that I’ve been very busy with my new job.

Sicorra @ Tackling Our Debt writes 20 Powerful Life Lessons – This is an uplifting and inspiring post that is full of quotes about what I’ve learned in life. Add in your thoughts.

Vanessa @ Vanessa’s Money writes So You Want to Start Investing: Mutual Funds – A simple, albeit long, explanation of how mutual funds work and how to pick the one that’s right for you!

Jefferson @ See Debt Run writes The True Cost of Home Ownership – When trying to figure out how much house you can afford, don’t forget about PMI, Association Fees, Home Owners Insurance, Property Taxes, and maintenance.

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