Buy Muse erectile dysfunction medication

Many men suffer from a short-term or situational erectile dysfunction. Muse helps to get a better erection that lasts longer in response to sexual stimulation. Use of this drug helps to improve quality of a man’s sexual life and increase his self-confidence.

If you decide to buy Muse erectile dysfunction medication, familiarize yourself with the key information right now. The main feature of Muse is that this medicine acts locally, therefore helps to get a quick erection.

Alprostadil is an active ingredient of this medicine that:

  • relaxes the muscle cells of the cavernous artery;
  • increases blood flow to the penis;
  • causes a persistent penile erection.

The active substance Alprostadil is absorbed by the erectile tissue located in the lower part of the penis.

One applicator with a specific dosage of the medication, which is indicated in the instruction, is in each pharmaceutical packaging.

On the international market, Muse comes in four different dosage strengths:

  • 0.125 mg;
  • 0.25 mg;
  • 0.5 mg;
  • 1.0 mg.

The patient can determine the dose of Muse by himself, as well as consult a pharmacist or a doctor. Various factors, including the patient’s age can affect the choice of the right dose.

This drug for erection problems has several different strengths, start using the minimum dose to choose the appropriate one. If you have never previously used urethral applicators, buy Muse erectile dysfunction medication in the dosage of 0.125 mg or 0.25 mg.

The man should evaluate effectiveness of the chosen dose after the first use of this drug and if the result needs to be improved, the dose of Muse can be gradually increased.

The man needs to urinate before applying Muse, since the medicated pellet dissolves easily in a small amount of urine in the urethra. Muse applicator is easily inserted into the urethra. Follow all directions on your prescription label.

The penis should be kept in an upright position. After pressing the button at the top of Muse applicator, it should be in the penis for at least 5 seconds, so that the whole medicine is distributed evenly over the urethra.

When the applicator is removed from the penis, it should be examined carefully to make sure that there are no remnants of the drug in it.

If some amount of the drug left, the procedure should be repeated.

  • Just 5-10 minutes is necessary for this drug to start acting.
  • Its effect usually lasts up to 30-60 minutes, depending on the patient.

If you buy Muse erectile dysfunction medication, read the leaflet in the package and follow all the recommendations for use. The maximum recommended dosing frequency of Muse is no more than two doses within 24 hours. Erectile function can be significantly increased if to use a single dose of Muse daily for a week.

After using Muse, some patients may experience increased sensitivity of the penis during the touch after the erection disappears. This reaction is normal and usually go away in a few hours.

After Muse administration, adverse reactions are usually rare and may include burning and throbbing sensation in the groin area, pain in the shaft or head of the penis, feeling light headed, and rapid heart rate.

If there is no more sexual arousal, but the erection does not disappear, this condition can be very unpleasant and painful for some men. To avoid damaging the penis tissues, seek medical attention to stop the erection.

Today, men from any country of the world can buy Muse erectile dysfunction medication online without leaving their home. The order is placed within a few minutes and delivered to the address indicated on time.

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